How To Install Cookies In Mozilla For Adsense High Cpc Ads

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How To Install Cookies For More Benefits | 2018


Install cookies on your browser and get more benefits. Today I am telling you the best process to install latest high cookie that I recently imported from the USA.


Step 1

First of all, you need to download 2 files…It’s compulsory 
A. Mozilla Firefox Version 56.0b2 and (Click here to download)

B. Cookies (Click here to download)


Step 2

A. Open Firefox and got to settings option and turn off Automatic Updates




B. Now go to Add-ons > and click Extensions and now click setting wheel


C. Click on “Install Add-on from File”  and choose “cookies_exportimport-1.0-fx.xpi” file from Cookie Files folder that you downloaded already. Now You will see a message like this.Click on “Add”.



D. Now Press “Alt” button to see Menu Bar of Mozilla Firefox.



E. Now Click on Tools > then click “Import Cookies” Now select the file (High After Installing, you will see a message like this, Click OK.


Now Cookie has been Installed on your Mozilla Firefox Browser. So Now Restart Your Computer, After restarting, Open Mozilla and Enjoy Cookies Benefits.